The Future is Female

Episode Summary

In honor of Women's History Month, join us as our host Dr. Mary Goldberg talks to three dynamic women innovators about the challenges faced by them in their careers, advice for those that may want to follow in their footsteps and what makes them tick, in our latest episode, "The Future is Female." Our guests include Karin Leire from Permobil, Dr. Laura Rice from the University of Illinois and Dr. Shantha Sarangapani, Founder and CEO of ICET, Inc.

Episode Notes

Host: Dr. Mary Goldberg, Co-Director of the IMPACT Center at the University of Pittsburgh
Guests: Karin Leire, Vice President of Research and Innovation at Permobil; Dr. Laura Rice, Associate Professor at the University of Illinois, Associate Director of the Center on Health, Aging, and Disability, and Interim Director of Master of Public Health and Master of Health Administration Programs; and Dr. Shantha Sarangapani, Founder & CEO of ICET Inc., a growing contract R&D company aggressively developing new ideas, concepts and technologies in the areas of biomedicine, energy, and environment.

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Dr. Laura Rice | Lab Website, LinkedIn
Dr. Shantha Sarangapani | ICET Inc Website, LinkedIn 
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1:12 Backstories
9:12 Flexible Employment Program for Women Scientists at ICET, Inc. 
12:22 Barriers Faced by Female Innovators
16:09 Experiences Impacted by Gender 
18:22 Patents and Investments
23:39 Is work-life balance achievable?
33:08 Leading by example
37:11 Monday Motivation